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20 Best Fashion Stylists In Chicago, IL

Fashion stylist jobs should ideally stem from a person's natural instinct of what makes a client look good. Throughout the trajectory of her career, whether curating celebrity's wardrobe or styling an ad campaign, Akers has proven to be an extremely passionate risk taker or self proclaimed you-only-live-oncer.” Always willing to go against the grain, she loves experimenting with ‘7os disco and ‘80s style, drawing inspirations from nature, history and mixing low-end with high-end brands.
One of the main differences between ordinary people and professional stylists is that the people tend to buy the style of clothes they are used to wearing, corporate style consultant chicago or they go with what is trendy, but a stylist takes a look at you, not the trends or your fashion habits, and picks out what makes you look your best.

The role of a fashion stylist, whose unique position in today's culture is setting trends through their work which is then adapted by the masses, has evolved over time from behind the scenes to being stars in their own right with recognized names like Rachel Zoe, Carine Roitfeld, Kate Young to name a few.
Kristie Jorfald Personal Styling's mission is to teach women how to shop for their body shape, discover their signature style, and build their self-confidence. Image consultants, on the other hand, work primarily on a personal level with people wanting to improve their personal appearance and how they are visually perceived by others.

This type of shopper usually receives a salary or a salary plus commission by the business. The average Wardrobe Fashion Stylist salary in Chicago, IL is $47,807 as of May 13, 2019, but the salary range typically falls between $39,695 and $58,702. You may think that you need an image consultant or personal stylist, but the fact is that using one is a luxury, not a necessity.
To have style on any budget you can then use an Image Consultant or Personal Shopper to revamp or update your wardrobe. I pick my own clothing from a huge selection of suggestions and if I don't like something, my stylist replaces it. Best service, better quality clothes.
In person, you have the opportunity to meet with a personal stylist and try on clothes from the over seventy brands it currently carries. She learned the fashion business on her own and has styled celebs like Keyshia Cole, Angela Simmons, and Donald Glover. It is common for image consultants to use clothing accessories, hairstyle, and make-up to help their clients to look better.

You can't have a list of influential Black fashion stylists without June Ambrose. A personal stylist knows exactly what to buy and where to find it. Shopping becomes a breeze as you will have a professional assistant giving the right advice, not a well meaning but uniformed friend, collaborating with you on your purchases.
She was named one of Chicago's best personal stylists by CBS Chicago. Depending on where you live, you may need to spend some time as an apprentice to an established hairstylist. KS Style Consulting, a Personal Style Consulting business in Chicago, IL. Owner Katie Schuppler provides clients with closet clean outs, personal shopping, look books, e-styling, and speaking engagements.
Personal stylists know what colours will flatter your hair colour, eye colour & skin tones, they know how to highlight your assets and downplay your weaknesses. They can identify your body shape, prominent features, coloring and style personality very quickly.
They will analyze your personality, tastes and lifestyle and help you discover the a look that is fashionable and right for you. Alison defines her personal style as a bohemian minimalist, but doesn't shy away from the occasional menswear inspired get-up. Shopping Girl's mission is to build a personal relationship with each client in order to provide all personal styling needs as well as affordable, unique, and customized fashion consulting.

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