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Best Asturian Food Restaurant In Oviedo

Which direction should you travel by train in? This incredible part of northern Spain is as amazing as everyone told me it would be. From the bright green mountains with free range cattle grazing, to the tiny mountain towns with some of the best home cooked stews you'll ever try, and the brightly colored seaside fishing villages where you'd be a fool not to order one of everything on the menu… Asturias really does have it all.
The Spanish refer to Asturias as a paraíso natural” (Natural paradise) and the region boasts a rugged Atlantic coastline with blissful beaches and magnificent mountains, including the awesome Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe Mountain Range), which was Spain's first official National Park.

As regards its artistic patrimony, we will highlight the palaces of the marquesses of Gamoneda and Ferrera, the tower and big house of Villademoros, apart from the latin American brunch villages: Argentina, Excelsior, Tarsila, Hilda, Rosita… Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, is not the biggest town in the province but it is a very beautiful town though.

If that wasn't motivation enough to make a detour, Oviedo is also the start of a separate Camino route to Santiago, the so-called Original” or Primitive Way”, as it was from here that King Alfonso II of Asturias himself made the original journey in the 9th century to pay his respects to the newly found remains of the Apostle.
Here in Asturias I myself followed the trail from Lamuno to Soto de Luina, a hike that took me through woodland of bracken and pine and horse chestnut trees, and through fields with farms and the distinctive local granaries (set on pillars to stop the rats getting at them), as well as small villages.

Celtic roots, an industrial heritage that includes coal-mining and steel-making, wild landscapes (Picos de Europa, the first National Park created in Spain, is partly located in Asturias) and a yet-to-be-discovered hearty food culture all come together to make this place a must-visit for food-lovers the world over.
So I worked up a trip, my fourth or fifth to the region, that would take in a little of each of the things I love about Asturias: the rural essences, the modest urban pleasures, the beaches and the wild interior, the simple traditional food and the fab contemporary cuisine.
Unfortunately when Mario was explaining all this there was no bottle to hand, and so I have to wait until I reach the capital of Asturias, Oviedo, to share and taste this ritual myself at the Tierra Astur Ciderhouse After first attempting a high pour myself (with the predictable outcome that I soak the table and my feet with barely a drop landing in the glass), I ask the local waiter to show me how it's done.

I head inland through the mountain town of Infiesto, which happens to be holding its annual hazelnut festival, then stop in Cangas de Onís for what the locals call a vermouth” - pronounced vermou”, it doesn't necessarily refer to a vermouth (though you can have a homemade version) but to any pre-lunch drink, including beer, wine or cider.
The results are in for the seventh edition of the annual gastronomic contest for the World's Best Fabada, and it should come as no surprise that, despite entries from as far away as Mexico, the prize for the best version of this typical Asturian dish was once again awarded to a restaurant from this region.

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