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How To Fix A Battery

Learning how to recondition battery is the solution to restore old batteries to new again. The Honda battery is now holding an almost full charge, roughly 90-95% but good enough for me. Had to replace the original charger as it failed to power up. After further investigation it turns out the new charger can only charge batteries between 20Ah to 50Ah max so anything below this and the charger thinks the battery has failed and cuts the charge.
Particularly, the large scale demand for lithium rechargeable batteries or secondary batteries in day-to-day electronics (cellular reconditioning battery phones, laptop computers, camcorders, and so forth) provided the thrust to improve their energy density, cycle life, and safety.

According to an aspect of the invention, the invention relates to a method for reconditioning batteries, preferably lead acid batteries having at least one cell, comprising the steps of connecting a device to a battery; and determining a battery type; characterized by the steps of calculating an energy balance; supplying a constant rectifying power and a pulsed rectifying power during intermittent time intervals to the at least one cell; and determining an end criterion.
After the PWR-key has been pushed, the CCONT gives PURX reset to the MAD and COBBA, and turns on the VR1, VBB and VR6 regulators (if battery voltage has exceeded 3.0 V). VR1 supplies the VCXO, VBB supplies the MAD and digital parts of the COBBA, and VR6 supplies analog Power off when battery voltage low During normal discharge the phone indicates the user that the battery will drain after some time.

The power-on key is also connected to the PSCLD to switch power on. Due to the internal pull up inside PSCLD, N300 to a higher battery voltage, a rectifier, V418 on the UI board is required in the keypad matrix for the power on keypad to prevent the higher voltage to interfere with the keypad matrix.
In fact, some batteries do not require a special reconditioner and can be easily reconditioned by draining the battery completely with the help of a battery powered device or a resistive circuit that discharges the battery safely and then charging it as per normal.
It is therefore an objective of the present invention to provide a method and a device to recondition batteries, by which it will be possible to maintain high voltage and current during gassing-voltage without breaking down the battery, and by using the understanding that an energy balanced supply of constant rectifying power and pulsed rectifying power has better effect than previously known methods and devices for reconditioning in prior art.

The reconditioning device 100 could also comprise logical circuit means 160, which also comprises at least a readable and writeable memory storage means 161 as well as a communication interface unit 181 such as a keyboard or any wire, wire-less interface, and a presentation unit 182, i.e. a display.

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