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Louisville HVAC Furnace Heating And Air Conditioning

At TemperaturePro Kentuckiana, we have extensive experience providing the top-notch air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair Kentuckiana residents need, and we'll get the job done at a price that won't stretch your family's budget. During that time, we have established an outstanding team of HVAC specialists and expert plumbers who are trained in the latest technology that affects your home comfort and the efficient, reliable operation of your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.
Tom brought his young son, Scott Wright, along and taught him the skills needed to continue the tradition of delivering quality service at reasonable prices to the families of Louisville, Ky. Scott, along with his two sons; Anthony and Tommy, continue as the second and third generation to bring that same work ethic and honest service to their customers.

The business specializes in geothermal system design and installation, with more than 28 years of experience working with the environment-friendly heating and cooling system. Whether you are in need Air Conditioning Repair Louisville KY of quick repair services or are considering having a new heating or air conditioning system installed, you can trust our technicians to help you get everything running right the first time around.
We take pride in our quality services and want our customers to be completely satisfied with our results. Glanz and Buffat is a distinguished local York dealer, skilled in installing quality York Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Services like Thermographic images that identifies trouble before a costly failure and Leak Audits that stop wasteful losses of Compressed Air, Inert Gasses or even Process Cooling Fluids.

In BHE's case, their water treatment service provider contracted for annual service and chemical replenishment based upon normal maintenance and operation. Our staff is fully licensed and certified to perform residential and commercial HVAC services and is under continuous improvement to keep you comfortable.
Since 1988, C & L Heating and Air has been Louisville's trusted top choice for quality HVAC heating and air conditioning repair and service. Geothermal By Design has provided heating and cooling services to Louisville customers since 2005. We began serving Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas in 2011 and have installed over 200 geothermal systems and hundreds more high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems as well.

Glanz and Buffat Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is proud to be your local York dealer. Book Heating and Cooling is licensed and insured, and employs certified technicians. Commercial and industrial boiler repair, boiler maintenance, boiler installation and boiler service are primary specialties of Alpha Energy Solutions located in Louisville, Kentucky.
The last thing you want for your business is your HVAC systems breaking down and constantly causing headaches and discomfort for everyone in the building. We offer two major brands of heating and Air conditioning equipment. Broken heating or air conditioning is no joke.
Whether you're converting your home in the Highlands from a boiler to more-efficient forced air, or you're building a new home and want a professionally-designed geothermal home comfort system, we're there to help every step of the way. Business owners from across Kentucky and Indiana rely on HMC for fast, reliable and competent plumbing service.

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