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Welcome to the Nelson Law Group, where personal attention meets exceptional representation! Note: Just because parties are pursuing an irreconcilable differences divorce, doesn't mean that one spouse isn't more at fault or guiltyā€¯ of one of the fault-based grounds; it simply means that the parties aren't using that fault as the legal basis of their divorce (even though it might have been the actual cause of it).
Firm founder Kevin W. Shepherd and partner Elizabeth M. Long believe that people deserve a fair shake, and that the justice system was designed to provide it. Problem solvers by nature, both partners are dedicated to working with their clients to reach the best possible outcome.

On June 13, 1967, President Johnson nominated Marshall to the Supreme Court following the retirement of Justice Tom C. Clark , saying that this was "the right thing to do, the right time to do it, the right man and the right place." Marshall was confirmed as an Associate Justice by a Senate vote of 69-11 on August 30, 1967 (32-1 in the Senate Republican Conference and 37-10 in the Senate Democratic Caucus ) with 20 members voting present or abstaining.
Sometimes referred to as an "agreed divorce," an uncontested divorce is appropriate when the husband and wife have come to an agreement on how to fairly and equitably divide their assets and debts and how to co-parent their children once the parties separate.

Attorney Wegryn networks with other professionals, including financial planners, social workers, mental health counselors to guide clients to McKeehan making their own agreements about dividing property, child visitation and custody arrangements, father's rights, parent relocations and more.
As we help evaluate your options, we provide actionable feedback regarding Tennessee law and how it will impact your children so they are in the best position to prosper once your case is resolved. Level the playing field with our experienced and dedicated attorneys.

No one would ever describe the divorce process as being pleasant; neither would any spouses say on their wedding day they were planning on divorcing down the road. From our offices in Knoxville, we will handle every aspect of your case personally, from the initial court filings to mediation and hearings and trial.

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