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Modern Display Of The Confederate Battle Flag

Lately, the display of the Confederate flag has been the source of a lot of controversies. Certainly symbolically, we cannot have the Confederate flag waving in the state capitol,” the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) president, Cornell William Brooks, said in Charleston last week, referring to a banner that flies at a memorial to Confederate soldiers on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse.
In 1962 and 1963, respectively, South Carolina and Alabama began flying rectangular battle flags (naval jacks) over their capitol domes, during the Civil War centennial, but also suspiciously coincident with high-profile gestures of defiance to the federal government.

Symbols of the Confederacy remain a contentious issue across the United States and their civic placement has been debated vigorously in many southern U.S. state legislatures since the early 1990s, such as the effort that led to the replacement of Georgia's flag in 2001.
Dixiecrat supporters, southern football fans, and southern military servicemen gave the flag a new visibility that soon evolved into a nationally important flag fad,” as the headline writers dubbed it. Although the flag had ideological meaning for many of its users, most analysts believed the youth-driven fad of the early 1950s to be harmless and no more threatening than the other popular culture fads that swept America in the 1950s.
6. During World War II, displays of the Battle Flag became popular among military troops and units that hailed from Southern states The Navy cruiser USS Columbia flew the battle flag throughout combat in the South Pacific in honor of the ship's namesake, the capital city of South Carolina.

Even with these distinctive red badges, the difficulty of identifying the opposing army especially at great distances created much anxiety and near catastrophe for the Confederates on July 21 at Manassas Junction, near Bull Run Creek, the first major battle of the Civil War.
The original (i.e. Civil War era) "resistance to Northern political dominance" was the same as the cause of the American Civil War - the southern states lack of faith in the United States government after sweeping victory of the Republican party in the 1860 elections, including the election of Abraham Lincoln as president.
The killing of nine African Americans inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church last week by a suspect who appears to have decorated online declarations of his white supremacist views with the Confederate battle flag has returned debate over the flag to the national stage.

They were impoverished and struggling to survive, as in the portrayal of Scarlett 'Hara at the end of 1939's "Gone With the Wind." Now southern hatred was becoming even more intense, and whites were keen on taking vengeance, especially against blacks - and also nearly anyone white from the North.
Stereotypical stories of men picking up the regimental colors from the hands of fallen comrades are based on the very real heroism of men such as the fourteen members of the 26th North Carolina Infantry who fell carrying the regimental flag on the first day of Gettysburg.
Here, a man carries the Florida state flag at the Republican National Convention, August 28, 2012. You will find all of the Confederate flags at the United States Flag Store including the Confederate rebel flag as well as all three versions of the Confederate National flag.

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