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New Ice Cream Flavors!

End your holiday feast with freshly made premium ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies. When you find out Sundae School Ice Creamery is from the team behind Tuck Shop Takeaway you immediately know it's going to be good. Your Home Town Ice Cream Shop For 27 Years.
They do the most gorgeous heart-shaped amerena cherry popsicles, but their Nutella biscotto gelato (ice cream cookie sandwich) absolutely slays us every time. EVEY'S SOFT SERVE is located approximately 14 miles from Melbourne Beach. Share two layers of creamy Carvel® ice cream, crunchies and whipped frosting.

Rita's Water Ice is located approximately 24 miles from Melbourne Beach. Carvel Ice Cream & Bakery is located approximately 24 miles from Melbourne Beach. SMILEY ICE CREAM is located approximately 11 miles from Melbourne Beach. It's two layers of Carvel® creamy ice cream separated by crunchies, enrobed in chocolate and decorated with bittersweet fudge and whipped frosting.
See what makes Larry's Ice Cream a St. Pete Beach staple for over 30 years. TCBY is located approximately 16 miles from Melbourne Beach. Made with two layers of premium, freshly made ice cream and a layer of our famous crunchies, the cake is then dipped in chocolate, topped with chocolate syrup and finished with a beautiful design.

Double Dip Old Fashion Ice Crm is located approximately 17 miles from Melbourne Beach. A decent Ice Cream Parlor, they're located at 1615 Georgia St NE. Their phone number is (321) 676-2090. 2 sugar, chocolate chip, chocolate or peanut butter cookies with two scoops choice of ice cream flavor center.
It's then covered with whipped cream and fudge drizzle. It's two layers of our soft-serve ice cream, with a center of our signature crunchies, covered in white, whipped frosting and adorned with a rose. With two layers of ice cream, crunchies and whipped frosting, it's the perfect treat for any star-spangled party.
Put the perfect finish on any dinner with layers of delicious ice cream and crunchies then topped with your choice of milk chocolate fudge and marshmallow or strawberries. VILLAGE ICE CREAM & SANDWICH ice cream near me is located approximately 30 miles from Melbourne Beach. Just have your Cake Club Card stamped each time you purchase an ice cream cake or pie and receive a FREE 8 inch cake after you fill your card.

We offer over 40 flavors of premium award winning ice cream and authentic ny italian ice. Coffee lovers should pick up this combination of coffee toffee ice cream, layered with chocolate crunchies, coated in chocolate fudge and rolled in pieces of Heath® Bar. Friendly's Ice Cream Shop is located approximately 9 miles from Melbourne Beach.

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