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Personal Injury Attorneys In Orange County

People tend to get a false sense of security that they will always be safe at work. Due to the remarkable results they achieve each year and the respect they have earned among their peers after decades of service, Easton & Easton has also been recognized by the Los Angeles Times and U.S. News - Best Lawyers® as one of Southern California's Best Law Firms” every year since 2011.
Santa Ana personal injury attorney Chris Purcell represents injury victims in premises liability cases that can include but are not limited to slip-and-fall injuries, trip-and-fall injuries, injuries resulting from dog bites and other animal attacks, and other injuries resulting from the negligence of a property owner, caretaker, or manager.

Motorcycle Accidents: The statistics vary from year-to-year, but there are typically a minimum of 80,000 motorcycle injuries annually Because California is a state that allows lane-splitting, many of the motorcycle injuries in Orange County are due to drivers in cars neglecting to pay attention to cyclists on the road.
That said, punitive damages are solely up to the discretion of the courts, meaning that you and your personal injury attorney in Orange County will not speculate on this possibility or include possible punitive damages in the amount that you are working towards in your case.

There are a few reasons why this is important: (1) If you never went to a hospital or saw a doctor for your injuries, you run the risk of ignoring a small issue getting worse because it wasn't treated properly; (2) If it turns out you had a substantial injury and you want to seek legal action with an injury lawyer, consistent treatment from a medical provider is always very important for your case.
This settlement is often much smaller than what you are really entitled to. Never hastily sign a release form; this may prevent you from receiving the true compensation you are entitled to. While not all claims have to go to court, it is important that you discuss with your lawyer any settlements that are offered.

For more than twelve years prior to becoming a plaintiff personal injury attorney, Mr. Lazarus worked as a paralegal with several plaintiff personal injury law firms, and he has extensive experience in working with individuals who have been injured in automobile collisions, motorcycle collisions, bus accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, falls from ladders, product-related injuries, medical malpractice claims, and work-related claims.
Chris resolves most personal injury claims by negotiating out-of-court settlements, but - when a settlement simply is not available - Chris will not Orange County personal injury attorney hesitate to take your case before a jury of your peers and ask them to compensate you and to hold the negligent party accountable under the law.

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