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We are a printing company provides professional and affordable 24 hour printing services nationwide. Whether it's just placing your company details on the side of your delivery van or doing full vehicle wrapping on an entire logistics fleet, do not underestimate the new business and sales power of owning a mobile billboard in the form of your vehicles carrying your company's services across the city.
Across the sea, America has a similar history to ours - vast tracts of land colonised by pasty, white foreigners, who credited the native Americans and their own slaves, with debatably fewer rights than those awarded to their South African counterparts.

What differentiates Green Office in this service, is that our cartridge solutions are managed based on customer needs - whether they need OEM cartridges for laser jet or ink jet printing, or remanufactured cartridges that have been manufactured by Green Office.
Whether you need certificates for a graduation ceremony, company conference, sports ceremony, a child's preschool diploma, or even an employee of the month award, we have the ability to print large volumes or smaller quantities of certificates in a short amount of time.

It all began when Mt Gainchund Ramdutt, saw an opportunity to provide print services, to the printing industry and decided to create a company dedicated to providing a tailored printing experience for the client, coupled with a high quality end product.
When you factor in all of your requirements you might just find that with the Toshiba printers and copiers available in South Africa, you will be saving on your energy costs, saving your office space, and saving on the operational costs involved with having a busy system.
Check our SHOP and our PRINT SERVICES for more on what we offer. 123 1895-1897 Among the new wave of African writers at this time, there was, in his native Boloki, a young man named Buntungu, who wrote of his experiences after a trip to England. Unfortunately we can not offer A4 Booklets in landscape on digital print runs.

If it is printed on paper or board, matt or gloss, PVC or vinyl we are able to offer you a fast cost effective print solution. Our products function as corporate identity, information or way-finding systems and advertising, enabling our clients to communicate messages about their business, offerings and locations.
We import our paper from Indonesia that is basically cheaper than the local paper and produces good quality diary printing in South Africa. Our roots are deeply embedded in the country, and our heritage directly and indirectly correlates with that of many of South Africa's original printing giants.

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