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SureView Systems owns, develops, sells and supports the Immix® product line. To learn more about the benefits of remote monitoring and mobile surveillance, don't hesitate to call us. Our veteran sales team is standing by to answer your questions, and talk to you more about how you can take advantage of remote and mobile surveillance for your home or business.
Respected as cutting edge integrators of next generation digital video recorders, high speed camera positions systems, IP solutions, analog and fiber optic transmissions as well as infrared night technologies and home automation sound theater, the Spy Store has an impressive array of local and national clients to whom we have provided surveillance camera solutions.

While General Assembly has been training developers and designers since 2012, they recently released their first student Outcomes Report , which explores who was admitted to General Assembly's Web Development Immersive and User Experience Design Immersive, and who got jobs after working with GA's Career Services program.
Accelerated Learning Programs like General Assembly and gSchool make it their mission to fit students into a job market that is hungry for technical skills, a trend in stark contrast to traditional higher learning, where the benefit is defined over decades and across markets.

We talk to Liz Simon, General Counsel for General Assembly, about why it's important for students to consider outcomes as they research coding bootcamps, how they calculated their 99% job placement rate, and what they're working to add to future reports.
March 2012 Citilog, the leading provider of intelligent real time video monitoring and surveillance solutions for traffic, transportation, security Remote Video Analytics and safety management, announces today it has won a contract to equip all 25 tunnels in Brussel's with Automatic Incident Detection.
General Assembly did a great job in terms of understanding our primary goal was to learn, get through the program, get the new skills, but also to make sure that we were doing things like updating our resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and creating a portfolio.

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