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Today, after 32 years, La Casa Vieja continues to innovate in recipes and expanding the offer with the sole objective of satisfying its customers as always and, why not, those new lovers of Chilean cuisine who come seeking to delight their palates with the most delicious traditional dishes that carry that picturesque national touch.
Casa Silva Winery has the oldest cellar in the Colchagua Valley However, under its historical and traditional facade, one of the most modern wineries in Chile is hidden Located among the centenary Sushi vineyards of the Angostura estate, it has state-of-the-art technology, different barrel rooms with perfect conditions for wine storage and a sector specially equipped for small vinifications.

This is how El Mesón Nerudiano, housed in a house erected in 1910, located at number 35 Calle Domínica, recreates an atmosphere inspired by the unmistakable magic and style of Pablo Neruda's houses, such as "La Chascona" - the traditional abode of writer and his wife Matilde, current Museum of the Neruda Foundation - of which only a couple of blocks away, in the mythical Barrio Bellavista.
Traditional northern Chilean cuisine also includes the use of camelid meats like llama and alpaca Dishes like Chairo has been prepared for centuries by the Andean cultures , although they are not as common nowadays among the northern Chilean population and are almost unknown in the rest of Chile.
Another great influence on southern Chilean cuisine was immigration from Europe, particularly the German migration of the nineteenth century. The Chapa Verde Ski Center is located in CODELCO Chile, El Teniente division and under the management of the Chapa Verde ski club.

Cazuela chilota: The Chiloé version of cazuela differs from traditional cazuela because the stock is made of dried choros (Chilean mussels) and lamb instead of beef or chicken, giving it a very distinct flavour. It is the only ski center located at 2,200 meters altitude.
The chef Marcos Baeza meets with preparations that go through a path of their own flavors, where the traditions and techniques of Japanese food meet with the Chilean flavors and dressings. In Apero they work very hard to bring the ingredients, aromas and classic flavors of Chilean cuisine to a new culinary level.

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