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Taiwan's oldest bikeway—the Guanshan Bicycle Trail—is located here, and other cycling routes can be enjoyed in Longtian Village(Luye Township), Chishang, Taitung City, and coastal areas, all while cyclists are surrounded by fairytale-like scenic beauty. Here you can experience the cultures of indigenous peoples (including a visit to harvest festival celebrations, indigenous singing and dancing, an educational forest walk on a sacred” mountain, and feasting on native cuisine), cycling through farmers' fields, the local live-music scene, surfing, distinctive arts and crafts, hot-air balloon flights and much more.
Near by Wufenpu Commercial District, Taipei City Hospital, Zhongxiao, Tonghua St. Night Market, Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei 101, Taipei World 台東伴手禮2020 Trade Center, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Xinyi Vieshow Commercial District as well as prosperous East District, the Hotel is a quiet retreat in the noisy neighborhood.

The Taitung Business Experience Event was attended by the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the Korean Chamber of Commerce, and over 30 representatives of Taiwan's major industrial associations.
The area is particularly famous for the many varieties of oolong tea, including fulu tea, jinsyuan tea and red oolong tea, and the local couple who run A-Rong will be more than happy to teach you more about it, as well as carrying out traditional Taiwanese tea ceremonies for visitors.

Throughout the week, Tiehua Music Village will be filled with music performances & handy craft fairs organised for both locals and tourists to experience and appreciate local folk art engulfed in Taitung's rich cultural ambiance. The entire East Coast National Scenic Area has several lookouts and trails, but the below are our icepicks of the day.
The Sheraton Taitung Hotel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Daylily Mountain is located in the mid-southern part of Taitung County, Taimali Township. Located in Taitung City, Norden ruder hostel-Taitung features an outdoor lounge area and a comfortable non-smoking living room.

The Hotel Royal Kingdom provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. From the hotel, Taitung Airport is just 9km away. Luye is best known for hosting Taiwan's annual hot air balloon festival, but the area is also home to some amazing tea farms.
Chihshang Township, because of the clear water quality and strict labeling system, grows the well-known rice of the island that visitors must have a try. The hotel is close to Taitung Railway Art Village, Taitung Waterfront Park, Tiehua Music Village, Taitung Forest Park, Taitung Railway Station and Taitung Airport.

Integrating the hot air balloon experience, music, projection mapping lighting show and other activities, this spectacular international event has attracted more than 890,000 visitors from home and abroad. At the end of the day, we will reach the city of Taitung and check into the scheduled hotel.
Located off the eastern coast of Taiwan, Green Island is a natural hub for endless outdoor activities. We hope to enable you to have a good browsing experience in the hotel. Taipei, April 25 (CNA) This year's Taitung Music Festival will start off with a bang on April 26, kicking off the peak season for tourism in the county in eastern Taiwan.
Fears that tourists taking stones will erode the island's beaches have prompted authorities to put up signs at the most popular sites and at airports in recent years. Snacks like chicken fillet, beef noodles, scallion pancake, spicy hot pot and more are among the favorite pastime snacks, here in Taiwan.

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